Why do we need smart charging?

October 10, 2022

Why do we need smart charging?

Smart charging: a brief introduction

If you're looking for a charging station in the market to power your electric vehicle, you'll notice that there are two main types of chargers that are available: dumb and intelligent EV chargers. Dumb EV chargers are our standard cables and plugs with the sole purpose of charging the car and do not have any Cloud or network connectivity. They're not connected with any mobile application or computer program either.

On the other hand, smart chargers, the focus of the topic today, are devices that charge your vehicle and also share a connection with the Cloud. This allows the device to gain access to data, such as the electricity prices, source of power, and whether a particular charging station is in use by another EV owner. The built-in controls for smart chargers also ensure that the grid supply is not overburdened and your vehicle gets strictly the amount of electricity it needs.


Why do we need smart charging?

Smart charging certainly sounds helpful but is it really necessary? Is it just a scam, or are there actually any benefits that come along with it? Rest assured; there are plenty which we've listed below:


It gains access to important data.

You can access vital information compared to dumb chargers. While smart charging will track the energy you've consumed and give you data about where and when to charge, dumb chargers do no such thing. If you're a simple plug-and-charge kind of person, that's perfectly fine. But as we've observed over the years, smart charging makes your experience with your electric vehicle a lot smoother and enjoyable.


It can help avoid uncomfortable interactions with fellow owners.

You won't have to get into arguments with other EV owners about who consumed how much energy. Smart charging monitors this data in real-time and charges the fee right after the session is finished. And since the process is automated, there's no room for bias or miscalculation. So, say goodbye to any uncomfortable interactions and charge with the comfort of automation and artificial intelligence!


It’s a more sustainable form of charging.

The electric vehicle industry is growing as we speak, and we need more efficient charging systems. The International Energy Agency has stated that the EV market share has more than doubled between 2020 and 2021, from 4.11% to 8.57%. This means we must start being more mindful of how we distribute electricity through charging stations. Since smart charging considers various relevant variables during its charging process, it plays a significant role in creating a sustainable environment for EV owners. 

It can also be commercialized. 

Smart charging can also provide you with an exciting business opportunity you may not have considered otherwise. If you are part of a utility corporation, setting up an intelligent charging station would be a great move, especially considering how more and more are opting for this more sustainable method of transport. You can charge your customers based on varying energy production and consumption levels and ensure you get the best out of this business model with less effort than you think it'd take!


It’s more time and cost-efficient.

And finally, you'll be able to get the most in terms of your money and time as well. Using vital information, such as when the electricity prices are the cheapest, you can make sure to get the most bang for your buck while charging your vehicle. Furthermore, you can charge way faster than your usual intelligent chargers, which go up to 22 kilowatts. If you opt for a smart EV charger, you might be able to get around a whopping 150 kilowatts, which could help you out whenever you're in a hurry to get somewhere.

These are only some of the benefits that are associated with intelligent charging. Once you dive into the world of electric vehicles, you'll come across many more advantages to explore! 


How it works

All these advantages of smart chargers sound tantalizing compared to a dumb charger, but you might be wondering how exactly it works. We've got you! 

Smart charging essentially provides the station owner with valuable information through WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. This data is processed and analyzed automatically by the software, and it can send you helpful notifications about where and when to charge your vehicle. If your local public charging station is busier than usual, you'll receive the information on your mobile app immediately. Based on this information, the station owner can also disseminate electricity more efficiently and effectively to all EV drivers in the area. The prices and settings for the charging session might differ according to the station you're visiting, so make sure you're aware of what works best for you.

You can also get a charging station installed at home so that the process is even more convenient for you. We have a variety of EV chargers at hengyi, such as the Basic Wallbox, the APP Wallbox, and the RFID Wallbox. You can also choose between our Low-Power, High-Power, and Three-Phase Portable Chargers. More on hengyi and our smart chargers below!




Let's wrap it up

Why do we need smart charging? It saves time and money, helps avoid disputes with your fellow EV owners, provides you demand in the market that you can commercially exploit, and presents an efficient way to charge your electric vehicles!

By this point, you might be itching to get your hands on a smart charger. This is where we jump in to introduce you to hengyi, every EV owner's dream store. We are professional EV charger suppliers with impressive experience of twelve years in the EV industry. Our product range includes intelligent EV chargers, EV connectors, adapters, and EV charging cables. On the other hand, we also provide ODM and OEM services alongside installation and after-sales plans to ensure your charging station works to its fullest potential. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us on the other side today!

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