EV Charger Tester

This series of EV charging station testers is mainly used for online debugging, offline testing, functional verification, and construction after-sales testing of European standard AC charging pile products. The tester truly simulates the charging process of a real car. Our EV charger tester has the characteristics of small size and easy to carry while avoiding the disadvantages of inconvenience in testing and use and failure to simulate failure caused by the use of electric vehicles as the detection device.          

Hengyi electric vehicle charger tester with the features of:

This series of portable AC ev charger tester mainly has charging voltage measurement, guide circuit control (controlled by charging switch) and other functions, single three-phase common. By measuring the charging voltage, you can determine whether the charging pile is output as required. By switching the charging switch with the ev charger tester, you can determine whether the charging pile is enabling and shutting down the output as required. This EV charging station tester mainly has the European standard AC charging car socket interface, plug gun control switch, charging control switch, AC voltmeter, and load expansion port composition.

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