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Hengyi EV charger manufacturer has three AC EV chargers: two charging cables and one socket. 3.5KW, 7KW, 11KW and 22KW are available with backward compatibility. The built-in rich interfaces can be extended on the basic PCB with functions such as WIFI APP, RFID swipe card, solar power system module, OCPP 1.6, home load balancing, etc. Our electric car charger manufacturers also have offline e-purse and other solutions for paid charging in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, car parks etc.

The products of Hengyi ev charger manufacturer with the Features:

- High strength thermoplastic housing, flame retardant and impact resistance.

- The charging plug is ergonomically designed for a beautiful, comfortable grip and easy to use the product.

- The charging cable is made of high-quality TPU and copper and is resistant to low temperatures, oil and abrasion.

- The EVSE is controlled via mobile phone and is optimised for different languages. 60 different languages are supported by the APP, which automatically switches with the language of the mobile phone system.

- Home load balancing strategy to automatically adjust the charging current of the EVSE and protect the home electrical circuit.

- Support for commercial OCPP 1.6, which transfers information about the operation of the device to your back office and allows you to manage hundreds of EV charger stations simultaneously.

Hengyi is a professional Chinese EV charger manufacturer, with more than 11 years of manufacturing and wholesale experience, welcome to contact us!

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