Portable EV Charger

The portable electric car charger is part of the AC EV charger range and the best portable EV charger of Hengyi is designed to be compact and lightweight, with two models, 3.5KW 16A and 7KW 32A. The main purpose of portable electric car charger is to carry it around with you and to replenish the range of your electric car when you are out and about wherever there is a power plug.

The best portable EV charger with the features below:

-Complete adaptation to many brands of vehicles, with comprehensive protection to ensure safe and continuous charging

-Real-time monitoring of temperature control, effectively preventing overheating safety hazards

-Protection class IP67, adaptable to various harsh environments

On-screen display of real-time charging data for a better understanding of the equipment's operating conditions

-4-step current setting, support current adjustment function

-Designed with vehicle components and internal control EMC standard, high reliability with vehicle use

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